The Devil Came Calling: A Rolson McKane Southern Mystery

TDCC 3D Cover

The second novel in the Rolson McKane tetralogy, The Devil Came Calling is a southern mystery that follows its protagonist to Savannah, where he tries to get his life put back together. Below is the summary for this novel.

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From the bookflap:

Rolson McKane has traded the pine trees of his hometown for the cobblestone streets of Savannah. He left the supernatural back in Lumber Junction but can’t seem to shake the ghosts of his past. He’s living with a half-blind dog, a newfound sobriety, and a mysterious suitcase his dead ex-wife left him. So when a series of bizarre incidents lead him to think someone’s after him, he uses his new acquaintances to seek out the source of his problems. He’ll face off against a drug kingpin and a sadistic killer, whose primary goal is to torture Rolson before watching him die. From the walkways of River Street to the pit of Savannah’s criminal underworld, Rolson McKane’s only way out may be going down.

You can purchase the book through Amazon, CreateSpace, Parnassus Books in Nashville, or through this web site! If you click-through the link below, you can order the book to be shipped to your front door, and I’ll sign it, write whatever you want on the inside cover.


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