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From Texas Drifter to Nashville Fast Food Killer: The Life and Times of Paul Dennis Reid

    Nashville is known for being the Music City that Never Sleeps, but there’s also quite the dark underbelly that rarely gets discussed in the mainstream media. People like Paul Dennis Reid, however, manage to draw the darkness out into the light. The tale of this serial killer’s brutal crime spree is nothing to sing about, and yet it’s… Read more →

5 of the Most Gruesome and Bizarre Nashville Murders

Nashville has plenty of history surrounding it. There’s the country music, the downtown area, the Titans, the Civil War battlegrounds. Oh, yeah, and the death. Here is a list of a few of the most bizarre and unsettling Nashville Murders. Enjoy. 5. The Unsolved Drake Hotel Murder From the book Nashville Haunted Handbook: “One day, a lodger who was staying in… Read more →

The ‘Ladies Man’ Serial Killer Shawn Grate’s Unscrupulous Past

On Sept. 22, the Ashland County, Ohio grand jury returned a 23-count indictment in the case of suspected serial killer Shawn Grate. He is being held on $1 million bond for two charges of aggravated murder and connections to three other deaths over the last ten or so years. Grate was arrested on Tuesday, September 13th, after a frantic woman… Read more →

20 Years Later: The Horrifying Janet March Murder Case

The Janet March murder case is one of the most bizarre and compelling mysteries associated with the city of Nashville, and mentioning the sordid tale still elicits heaps of gossip and speculation from anyone who remembers not just the young woman’s disappearance, but the events that followed. Here is a brief recount of what happened back in 1996 and what… Read more →

Bustle Lists 7 Must-Read Crime Scene Investigation Books

Shaun Fitzpatrick over at Bustle has compiled a list of 7 bloodcurdling confessions from people within the field of Crime Scene Investigation. It’s a fairly deep list. The only one I’ve really heard of is Forensics, by Val McDermid, so you would benefit from checking it out. The only book I would add to to the list is Mary Roach’s wonderful investigation… Read more →