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the killing season

Co-Creators of The Killing Season Talk True Crime, Serial Killers, and Meaningful Art

‘The Killing Season‘ on A&E is one of the most engrossing true crime documentary series I have ever watched, and I was lucky enough to interview the series creators, Rachel Mills and Josh Zeman. We discussed their experiences investigating the Long Island Serial Killer, the Daytona Beach Serial Killer, and the Chillicothe, Ohio murders. In making ‘The Killing Season,’ Josh… Read more →

The 10 Most Evil Serial Killers Apprehended Since 2000

True Crime is seriously hip right now. With the Emmy-nominated miniseries The People Vs. OJ Simpson, the Amanda Knox documentary, and the competing JonBenet Ramsey shows flooding our TV screens, tales of brutal homicides are very chic. You can’t throw a stone without hitting an unsolved murder case, and we fans of true crime are reaping all the benefits. Though… Read more →

People Investigates

10 Iconic True Crime Cases to be Covered in ‘People Investigates’

PEOPLE Investigates is a new show on Investigation Discovery that will tackle some of the most famous (and infamous) true crime cases of the last thirty years, including some unsolved murders that will surely shock the audience. Included in this ten-part series are the JonBenet Ramsey case, the Grim Sleeper, and the Long Island Killer (also known as the Craigslist… Read more →

From Texas Drifter to Nashville Fast Food Killer: The Life and Times of Paul Dennis Reid

    Nashville is known for being the Music City that Never Sleeps, but there’s also quite the dark underbelly that rarely gets discussed in the mainstream media. People like Paul Dennis Reid, however, manage to draw the darkness out into the light. The tale of this serial killer’s brutal crime spree is nothing to sing about, and yet it’s… Read more →

The ‘Ladies Man’ Serial Killer Shawn Grate’s Unscrupulous Past

On Sept. 22, the Ashland County, Ohio grand jury returned a 23-count indictment in the case of suspected serial killer Shawn Grate. He is being held on $1 million bond for two charges of aggravated murder and connections to three other deaths over the last ten or so years. Grate was arrested on Tuesday, September 13th, after a frantic woman… Read more →