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covina murders

Holiday Horror: The Covina Christmas Murders of 2008

December 24, 2008. All over the nation, parents are dressing up as Santa Claus, donning the red suit to amaze their children with the prospect of a wonderful Christmas morning. When I was a kid, family members would call and pretend to be Saint Nick to get me excited for the next day. Still happens, I suppose, all across the country,… Read more →

Cliff Burton

To Live is to Die: The Tragic, Accidental Death of Cliff Burton (1986)

Anyone who knows me should be aware that I LOVE Metallica. (I’ve even name-dropped them in the Rolson McKane novels.) What’s weird is that the death of Cliff Burton was something I had to mourn retroactively, well after the event. See, I came to Metallica, really, when the Black Album was released. My stepbrother owned Master of Puppets, and I would jump… Read more →

Book Research

An Insanely Simple Guide to Research for your Novel [Podcast]

I have to be completely honest here. Book research is not something I do terribly effectively well, and it’s one of the reasons I spoke with mystery author Jeffrey Eaton. His Dalton Lee mystery series has a phenomenal hook. His protagonist is an architect, and so each book revolves not just around the murder but the art and architecture of the… Read more →