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5 of the Most Gruesome and Bizarre Nashville Murders

Nashville has plenty of history surrounding it. There’s the country music, the downtown area, the Titans, the Civil War battlegrounds. Oh, yeah, and the death. Here is a list of a few of the most bizarre and unsettling Nashville Murders. Enjoy. 5. The Unsolved Drake Hotel Murder From the book Nashville Haunted Handbook: “One day, a lodger who was staying in… Read more →

20 Years Later: The Horrifying Janet March Murder Case

The Janet March murder case is one of the most bizarre and compelling mysteries associated with the city of Nashville, and mentioning the sordid tale still elicits heaps of gossip and speculation from anyone who remembers not just the young woman’s disappearance, but the events that followed. Here is a brief recount of what happened back in 1996 and what… Read more →

4 Murders, 4 Days and the Unsettling Nashville Murder Rate

Something is definitely up with Nashville these days… The Music City has experienced several murders in the last few weeks, and four murders in four days has Nashvillians (and Nashvillains) shaking their heads — and locking their doors. Related: Watch video coverage of the murders on the WKRN web site It is not an isolate string of events: The Tennessean reported… Read more →