Sports Illustrated Unleashes SI True Crime to Explore Sports-Related Crimes

SI True Crime

I’m excited. Two of my favorite things are true crime and sports. I’ve watched almost every single 30for30 on ESPN, and the one about OJ’s Bronco Chase, for example, is the most compelling sports / crime documentary I’ve seen in ages.

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Well, maybe that’s not going to be the case anymore. Sports Illustrated has just unveiled ‘SI True Crime,’ which will investigate famous cases of crime in sports. There are already about a dozen cases on the site, and the page promises to be a “vault” for this kind of work, so let’s hope they keep on keeping on with this mission of theirs.

They have stories of imposters in college football and the shooting deaths of famous NFL players and high school athletes caught up in sexual abuse scandals. So far, the stories are well-reported and in-depth, so I’ll have to set a reminder for myself to check in on the site every once in a while for a tale of crushed dreams and lost hope. Oh, and murder.

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