Outstanding Tips to Sell More eBooks, with Stuart Thaman [Podcast]

With the Principled Uncertainty Podcast, very often I do interviews with people who inspire me to be better at my craft. It took me longer than it should have, but I have learned that we are all internet content marketers, of a sort, and the key to getting better is not necessarily to throw content out into an empty void, but to build a sustainable audience and put yourself in front of people in a more strategic way.

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A while back, I did an interview with author Stuart Thaman about how to better market independent books online. You can sell more books and be a better independent author by following Mr. Thaman’s advice. It’s a really unique perspective but one that can work for just about anybody, and it includes actionable steps for self-marketing.

I’ve posted the exact description for the podcast episode below. Give it a listen in order to help yourself become more marketable online. Here is the direct link for the episode.

Sell More Ebooks


This week, Tyler managed to score an interview with Stuart Thaman, writer of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror fiction, for a discussion about marketing and advertising self-published or small publisher books.

Stuart is the author of The Goblin Wars Part One: Siege of Talonrend, The Goblin Wars Part Two: Death of a King, For We Are Many, and Vatican Massacre. He’s also a constant presence at book and / or sci-fi fantasy conventions, and he’s written several helpful guides on how to market books, which can be found on his website, stuartthamanbooks.com. You can also track Stuart down on his Amazon Author Dashboard.

Stuart was kind and generous with his time, and he provided plenty of insight into the publishing process, marketing how-tos for beginning authors, and how to approach the convention scene. He’s a wonderfully talented guy, so be sure to check him out online.

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