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Boogie House 3D Your Free Book is Waiting

From the Author Being Called 'The Southern Quentin Tarantino'

Rolson McKane shouldn't have been the one to find the body. He was drunk on his own pity and self-loathing, not to mention the bourbon whiskey, so he should have just slept through the night.

But when Rolson discovers Emmitt Laveau among the remnants of an old juke joint called the Boogie House, he's got two choices: step in or let the local smokies handle it. Only, the police force is in Leland Brickmeyer's back pocket and seemingly unconcerned with finding the young man's killer.

Rolson, having his own issues with authority, sets out to solve this racial murder. He's got no real help, save for the ghost of the dead Laveau kid, but he's determined to get behind the curtain on the town's most famous family...and he might just uncover some ghosts of his own past in the process.



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