[Bloody Disgusting] Best Horror Games 2015

I'm a games writer for the web site Bloody-Disgusting.com, and each year, I publish my 'best of' games. Without revealing the list, I thought I would share the link for my best horror games here with you all. Click-through in order to see what I rated as my favorite games of the year. You can read the introduction below.

T. Blake Braddy's Top 5 Horror Games for 2015

2015 turned out to be an excellent year for horror games, and the credit can be spread around pretty evenly. Unlike 2014, which boasted some well-hyped but ultimately disappointing games — I’m looking at you, Alien: Isolation and The Evil Within — 2015 has been a year of both consistently entertaining AAA titles and surprising, out-of-nowhere indie games that delivered scares. We all know Dying Light and Bloodborne are fantastic games, and I’m not going to replicate Adam’s list merely for the sake of affirmation. Clearly, they’re amazing, and I played all of them. With my list, I wanted to highlight some games that may not get the kind of press they might otherwise deserve. I could go on ad infinitum about the number of small and mid-tier horror games released this year. And though games like NOCT and Dead Calm didn’t make the list, they’re still experiences people should check out.

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