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Boogie House by MR T Blake Braddy

Boogie House

by MR T Blake Braddy

Giveaway ends March 23, 2016.

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If you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to pick up a copy of ‘Boogie House,’ now might just be it. I’ve just created a giveaway for the first Rolson McKane novel on GoodReads, and all you have to do to enter is click the button above.

I decided to do a Boogie House GoodReads Promotion as a way of attempting to better integrate myself into the whole community of GoodReads. Of course, I’d love to get a little heat for my books from it, but the more important aspect of it is to get some eyeballs on the book, or — cringe — the “product.”

The life of an independent author is not easy, but what makes it tolerable is the work associated with getting the book out there, so long as you don’t lose sight of what makes it fun and interesting work. The fun of it should be the writing, the publishing, and making contacts with other people who are interested in the same damned things.

It’s easy to get caught up in feeling broodish (new word!) about the sales or the visibility. The good thing about that is, you can do something about it. At leas that’s what I’m hoping.

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