Dirt Merchant: A Rolson McKane Southern Mystery

Southern MysteryThis one gets bloody. The third novel in the Rolson McKane tetralogy sends Rolson and Deuce to Jacksonville, where they attempt to uncover the identity of Deuce’s little brother’s murderer.

The problem is, most of the information is shrouded in secrecy. See, Deuce’s brother, Taj, was caught up in some gangland activity, and they don’t appear willing to discuss the particulars of little bro’s death.

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So, to get at the source of the problem, Deuce and Rolson must crack some heads, and it puts them all at risk. They’re not gang members. Until late, they couldn’t even be considered criminals, per se. But Jacksonville has an alluring, dark charm, and it sends the both of them clamoring for the bottom of their moral barrels.

As they get caught up in the grim business at hand, Rolson and Deuce must make a decision about how far they will go, and it will test more than just their friendship. Anything goes in this new mystery by the author of Boogie House and The Devil Came Calling.

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