A Death in the Stacks: The Unsolved Murder of Betsy Aardsma


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This podcast episode deals with one of the most bizarre unsolved murder s of the last fifty years. Betsy Aardsma was a young, talented, socially-conscious woman in 1969, when her life was cut tragically short in the Pattee Library at Penn  State University.

It was the Thanksgiving holidays, and most students had gone home to be with family. Aardsma was working on a paper and had ventured to the library to get some research done.

Between 4:45 and 5:00 in the evening, Betsy was approached from behind in the stacks of the library and was stabbed a single time in the chest with a hunting knife.

She died minutes later, before she was even discovered, and the weird thing was: nobody heard anything whatsoever.

Two men were seen leaving the library shortly after her death, and one even told the desk clerk, “Somebody better help that girl.”

Betsy Aardsma was pronounced dead on arrival. She will forever be known as the girl who was killed in the library at Penn State, and her murder, to this day, remains completely and utterly unsolved.

Here is the most complete resource on the unsolved murder of Betsy Aardma.

The Man Under the Bed

A 16-year-old in Chester, England began receiving texts from her stalker on what would have otherwise been a normal night in 2014.

The man, 18-year-old Kyle Ravenscroft, was obsessed with the 16-year-old victim, and began telling her how he was going to hang himself from her window.

At midnight, he said he was “inside her house.” The girl, understandably, freaked out. She went to go stay with her mom, and when she came back to the bedroom, she found some shoeboxes she normally kept by her bed disturbed.

Under the bed, the victim found Ravenscroft, who had been hiding there the ENTIRE TIME. He was charged and sentenced pretty lightly, given the fact that his victim will forever have to check under the bed before being able to get any sleep at all.

A really great article goes into depth about the whole situation.

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