Short Stories

Hand-Rolled Cigarettes

The old man took a hand-rolled cigarette from his front shirt pocket and placed it in his mouth. He loved his cigarettes. He rolled them with the care of an explosives technician cutting a bomb’s wires and smoked them with the tenderness of a death row inmate partaking in his last meal. Half a century’s worth of smoking had left… Read more →

The Long Knives

He awakens to a blood-streaked news report on the television: “Gangland retaliation is to be blamed for shocking news coming out of New Jersey this morning, whereupon twenty suspected mafioso members were murdered and dumped along Wales Court in Annandale. We’re joined now by our on-the-scene reporter, Geoffrey…” His attention turns to his cell phone, buzzing uncontrollably on the night… Read more →

The Man in Seersucker

The man in the seersucker suit loped along a hedge-strewn neighborhood until he came to a brick house. He looked to be about sixty and smiled through his horn-rimmed glasses as if beholding a wonderful hallucination. The briefcase in his right hand swung in time with his uneven gait and stopped abruptly with him at the home’s front door. A… Read more →

Truck Stop

Wallace noticed the cruiser’s lights on the down slope of a particularly slick patch of highway. It was dark and the rain made everything indiscernible, like watching a movie in 3-D without the glasses on. The lights of his rig stood out among the pitch-black landscape, and he moved over to the left lane to give the officer a wide… Read more →

The First Artifact

I spent a lot of time working on short fiction while still in college. ‘The First Artifact’ — which I also sometimes call ‘The Last Artifact’ — is a product of the time I was taking learning the craft. I wrote a lot of derivative fiction at the time, and this one is no different. It’s got an interesting hook… Read more →