‘Bloody’ Necessary Updates

Bloody-Disgusting is one of the coolest place to get your horror fix on the internet, and yet I feel weird saying so, because I’m a semi-regular contributor there.

If you only click this link right here, you can find my most recent contributions to the canon of horror games-related knowledge, of which I am but a small footnote.

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However much I’d like to become a fixture at the site, my novel-writing schedule pretty much precludes me doing more than a few articles a month. Reviews, bizarre op-eds, and interviews keep me close enough to the fire without feeling overly taxed.

The summer is where I find my writing streak, with regard to BD — the hip, kewl shortened name — and so I kind of yearn to get to that point here soon. I look forward to producing some video content for the site and continuing with my review schedule.

I only say all of this to sort of self-promote here. It’s kind of a non-update, considering my last story dropped all the way back on March 24, but expect some new things coming up soon. Thanks for reading the site, and stay tuned for more updates in the near future.

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