Long Island Serial Killer

Author Robert Kolker Talks the Long Island Serial Killer, ‘Lost Girls’

What is now deemed the ‘Long Island Serial Killer’ case dates back as far back as 1996, when two female legs are found on Fire Island. This is just the horrific beginning of what we may someday call America’s Jack the Ripper case. Over the course of the next fourteen years, more bodies — or parts of bodies — would… Read more →

The Black Dahlia

‘Hollywood and Crime’ Podcast Discusses ‘Black Dahlia’ Murder In-Depth

The Black Dahlia murder has to be one of the most fascinating true crime cases of the last…ever. I mean, there’s so much to pick through for fans of unsolved mysteries. It’s a classic story about the underbelly of Hollywood: Elizabeth Short moves to LA in hopes of becoming a star, and instead she gets dumped on the side of the… Read more →

10 Favorite Books of 2016

My 10 Favorite Books of 2016

There was a lot wrong with my 2016, but productivity wasn’t one of them. I compiled a list of personal and professional accomplishments, and this past year was one of my most productive. (In a separate post, I’m going to discuss the power of making accomplishments lists for each year, but just take my word that it’s a necessary endeavor for… Read more →


[Podcast] A Brief History of Krampus, Everyone’s Favorite Christmas Devil

December 25 is coming up, and everybody is getting geared up for their Baby Jesus celebration. However, Christmas is not the only wintry celebration to come in the month of December. Due to the winter solstice, December has always been host to a number of pagan festivals, and some believe the date of Christmas was chosen to offset the many,… Read more →

Dirt Merchant: A Rolson McKane Southern Mystery

This one gets bloody. The third novel in the Rolson McKane tetralogy sends Rolson and Deuce to Jacksonville, where they attempt to uncover the identity of Deuce’s little brother’s murderer. The problem is, most of the information is shrouded in secrecy. See, Deuce’s brother, Taj, was caught up in some gangland activity, and they don’t appear willing to discuss the… Read more →

Steve McNair's Death

Titan Fall: The Horrific Story of NFL Star Steve McNair’s Death

Saturday, July 4, 2009. A relatively quiet Independence Day for the US. The Statue of Liberty crown reopened after being closed for 8 years due to the attacks on the World Trade Center. North Korea tested ballistic missiles of their own to rattle the saber of their military at the United States, but nothing extraordinary. Seemed like it would be… Read more →