5 Tips for a Successful Podcast Launch

I have put many hundreds of hours into thinking about podcasting over the last six years. When I started The Principled Uncertainty Podcast in May 2010, I had no idea what a show should be: how it should sound, how it should be marketed, or how it can bring in revenue.

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And over the years, I’ve made plenty of mistakes in both the Principled Uncertainty and HorrorBull Podcasts. I’d like to pass along some of my insights to you, and I’ve enlisted the help of one of my most trusted friends and podcasting compadres. Jeremy (of Lopez Radio) has also built a successful platform around both pop culture and mixed martial arts, so he’s a great resource to bring onto this particular episode.

Here are mine and Jeremy’s tips for a successful podcast launch. We discussed not just the ins and outs you normally get in one of these kinds of episodes, but also some tips on what to do and not do at the outset of your podcasting career. There are so many little, idiosyncratic things to keep in mind about your podcast launch, it’s impossible to know them all in the beginning.

In addition to the ones in the episode, I’ve also provided some tips for a successful podcast below. I’ve used any number of these to refine my podcast setup and make it more professional, so I’d like to see you give them a shot right from the get-go. No need to wait to try to catch up with all of the already-professional-sounding podcasts out there.

In addition, I would also have you read the resource that got me started on my journey of discovery with launching a successful podcast. John Lee Dumas is a master of podcasting. He does a DAILY show called Entrepreneur on Fire, and he’s an absolute beast. I dare you to defy his logic and methods. Read Podcast Launch first and then go from there.

Here are some extras to keep in mind when starting a podcast.

  1. Interview a podcaster with a larger size than yours.
  2. Have a bank of episodes ready to go at launch. 
  3. Produce a sectioned off, segmented podcast.
  4. Have a narrator read your intro, including all of the how to subscribe information and links.
  5. Publish often.

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